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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  January 26, 2020

Contact:       Joseph Mazin, President & CEO

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We are very excited to announce that The Flamemaster Corporation has entered into various agreements including a joint development agreement with affiliates of Groupe Socomore for co-development of a range of new products. In addition, SocoFlame an affiliate of Groupe Socomore has acquired a minority stake of approximately 15.73% of the outstanding shares in Flamemaster. Flamemaster will benefit from Socomore’s global presence and expertise in Aerospace, strengthen marketing and maximize production capabilities. Flamemaster will also look to add its products to Socomore’s strong marketing platform.

Flamemaster is a Southern California based specialty chemicals manufacturer of high-performance sealants, adhesives and coatings, servicing the Aerospace, Defense, Energy and Transportation industries.

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