CS 3810

Low Density Silicone Sealant



Product Description

CS 3810 is a specialty material originally formulated for use as a thermal barrier coating. Its many outstanding characteristics have resulted in its acceptance by the aircraft, missile and electronics industry for numerous other uses as well. Chem Seal’s engineering services are available to discuss these applications with you.

CS 3810 is a low density, room temperature curing, silicone compound designed specifically as an easy to apply, heavy coating in areas where thermal insulation is required. The low density and excellent thermal insulation characteristics of CS 3810 render it very useful in applications where weight reduction is required. CS 3810 can reduce the weight penalty of conventional coatings by 50%. Some of the desirable properties of CS 3810 are as follows:
1. Low density

2. High thermal insulation rating

3. Excellent adhesion

4. High electrical insulation properties

5. Easy to handle, mix and apply

6. Intermittent high temperature exposure to 600°F


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