CS 5447

Polythioether Windshield Sealant


Product Description

CS 5447 is a permapol, P-3 Polythioether sealant formulated for use with windshields of Glass, Acrylic or polycarbonate in composite of metal frames. CS 5447 does not promote crazing to acrylics and polycarbonate, either at room temperature or at elevated temperatures. CS 5447 is fast curing at low ambient temperatures and minimizes ground time when servicing transparencies.

CS 5447 may be used over a wide temperature range, curing to a flexible resilient rubber with excellent adhesion to Acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, steel, and numerous other materials. The cured CS 5447 may be subjected to aircraft fuels, lubricants, oils, water and or weathering. All test procedures and reference fluids are in accordance with MIL-S-8802F, and or Mil-S-29574 due to variation in composition of Polycarbonate materials values are typical.

**Titanium and some Polycarbonate compositions may require primer for proper adhesion. Primer supplied with CS 5447 for use where required.


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