DE 350

Ablative Base Coat / Protective Top-Coat


Product Description

Dyna Therm DE-350 is a room temperature curing, silicone modified, epoxy polyamide ablative coating, designed to protect metallic and reinforced plastic surfaces from the thermal effects of supersonic atmospheric exit and re-entry conditions. Having a process impurities specification of a maximum total of 25 ppm sodium, potassium and lithium, DE-350 ablates without developing a sheath of alkali metal ions, thereby permitting continuous radio communication with the object being protected.

ITAR regulated License Required for Export DE-350, supplied as a three-component system at 94% solids, may be applied by transfer molding, or with additional thinning by spray using conventional paint spray equipment. Designed to cure overnight at room temperature, cure may be accelerated by heating the part to 140 dig. F. DE-350, in addition to its use as an external ablative coating, may also be used in areas requiring protection from the impingement of solid propellant particles. Application for use in this environment has been made both in a trowel operation and by direct incorporation into a filament wound, integral part.


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