CS 3802 Class B-1/2
Silicone Sealant
6 oz. Cartridge 5 oz. (6 oz net when mixed=Fill  Full)


Product Description

CS3802 Silicone RTV compound is found to an ever widening degree in aircraft, missile and electronic applications. These uses are frequently unusual and require special considerations of product quality, application procedure and basic engineering. In recognition of this, Flamemaster Chem Seal Products offers its engineering service to the potential user of our products to assure that the best material is used to full advantage. CS3802 is a specialty room temperature vulcanized, chemically cured, silicone sealing compound designed to offer the combined advantages of excellent high temperature performance, good stability, and easy application. CS3802 has found wide usage as an insulating coating and thermal barrier material in missile applications where retardation of heat transfer is a requirement.

This versatile product is available in a wide range of consistencies, application lives and curing rates. The chemical formulation used for CS3802 permits modifications without loss of desired performance. Some of the unusual properties of CS 3802 are as follows:

1. Rapid room temperature cure.

2. Permanent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces by employing an easy to handle primer system.

3. Good strength and electrical properties.

4. Excellent temperature stability. Post cured sealant is resistant to sponging and reversion over a wide temperature range

5. Easy to handle, mix and apply. CS3802 has convenient mixing ratios.



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