CS 2725 Type I
Epoxy Bonding Compound
Quart Kit (2.1lb)


Product Description

CS 2725 fairing and bonding compound is designed for high adhesion to steel and aluminum serving as the ideal hull and superstructure fairing and smoothing compound. Also CS 2725 bonding compound may be used for repairs to concrete.

CS 2725 is easily mixed and applied. CS 2725 is non-shrinking and ideally suited for repairing spalled and cracked areas in concrete, plaster, stucco, stone, slate, wood and tile. CS 2725 may be used as a mortar for ceramic tile, stone work, block and brick; as an adhesive in fastening decorative masonry, metal clips, wall hangers, identification numbers or letters.

CS 2725 is non-flow, modified epoxy compound formulated for easy application as an adhesive and bonding material. After cure, the product is hard and tough and exhibits abrasion and shock resistant qualities. CS 2725 is resistant to water, acids, alkali, and hydrocarbons. The tensile and other physical qualities are such that destruction of the bonded material will usually result prior to failure of the CS 2725.


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