CS 5306 Class B-1
Fuel Resistant Sealant
1/2 Pint Kit (6 oz.)


Product Description

CS 5306 cures rapidly at low temperatures. CS 5306 is an excellent sealant for use when sealing on aircraft to yield weather tightness and fuel resistant seals. CS 5306 is a non-flow material and may be utilized on vertical and overhead surfaces. CS 5306 is a thixotropic and fuel resistant sealant.

CS 5306 is a two-part, sealant based on Permapol P-3 polymers covered under U.S. Patent 4,366,307. CS 5306 cures to a flexible, resilient rubber which has excellent adhesion to aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. Most surfaces require CS 5306 primer for optimum adhesion.


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