CS 91

Epoxy Sealing Compound

MSDSPart A Type 1 MSDSPart B Type 1MSDSPart A Type 2 MSDSPart B Type 2
MSDSPart A Type 3 MSDSPart B Type 3

Product Description

CS 91 is a 100% Solids, Modified Epoxy sealing compound suitable for sealing and moisture proofing adhesive bonded structures (edge sealing of honeycomb) when applied by injection, spatula or brushing.

CS91 consists of two parts, a base compound and a catalyst which when mixed together cure at ordinary room temperature to a high strength resilient sealing compound. CS 91 is available in three types:

Type I – Brush Consistency – Low Viscosity
Type II – Pour Consistency – Medium Viscosity
Type III – Non Sag Consistency – High Viscosity


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