What’s New

We moved into a new facility in January of 2007. The new facility is nearly double the size of the old one and has enabled us to expand our operations. Subsequently, we have added more equipment for production and additional pumps/filling machines for our filling/packaging needs and for our contract packaging services.

Additionally, our new laboratory has increased in size approximately 70%. It is bright and well equipped with a variety of new fixtures. Our R&D department has been injected with new/upgraded equipment and an expanded staff.


Below is a list of the various products that the company has added to the QPL (Qualified Products List) in the past several years.

Product ReleaseSpecificationTechnical Data SheetPress Release
CS 3205 B-2AMS-S-8802 Type IDichromate Cured Fuel Tank SealantClick Here
CS 3213 Class BMIL-PRF-81733Corrosion Inhibitive SealantClick Here
CS 3330 CI Class BAMS 3284 Type 2Corrosion Inhibitive Access Door SealantClick Here
CS 3330 Class AAMS 3284 Type 1Access Door SealantClick Here
CS 3204R B½AMS-S-8802 Type IIRapid Curing Integral Fuel Tank SealantClick Here
CS 3204R B-2AMS-S-8802 Type IIRapid Curing Integral Fuel Tank SealantClick Here
CS 3204R A½AMS-S-8802 Type IIRapid Curing Integral Fuel TankClick Here

Throughout the next year we are excited be obtaining an additional handful of high demand qualified products.

If you have any questions on any of the above products or information please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

If you know of any products that you would like us to manufacture for you that we do not already have please contact Josh Mazin (josh@flamemaster.com) and we would be happy to assist you with your needs.


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