Fire Protection Cable Coating

Product Description and UseSpecifications MSDSTECH
Electrical Cable Coating
Protects electrical cables from fire and prevents propagation of fire on grouped electrical cables. Sprayable or Mastic
Factory Mutual ApprovedFlamemastic 77

Ablatives & Heat Resistant Coatings

Product Description and UseSpecificationsDyna Therm Materials MSDSTech Data
Blast Resistant Ablative Coating
Used in areas subject to extreme heat of jet assisted take off. A room temperature, high temperature resistant ablative coating
Mil-C-47244E-340 AF
Base Coat and Top Coat
Protects surfaces from the thermal effects of supersonic atmospheric exit and re-entry conditions. Ablation Temperature 2000 deg. F
STM 0454
SP 677D and SP678
DE 350Part A

Part B
Light weight Ablative Coating
Rigid epoxy based compound. Designed to provide ablative protection to missile components subjected to atmospheric aerodynamic heating.
WH0019 Rev. BDE 370Part A

Part B
System Base Coat and Top Coat
The E-400 System consists of a base coat and a weather barrier topcoat. Formulated to provide maximum insulation prior to the process of decomposition (ablation).
AS 1129
LAC 40-4344
E-400Part A Base Coat

Part B Base Coat

Part A Top Coat

Part B Top Coat

Low Density Epoxy Polyamide Compound
Can be molded in sheets or used as an encapsulent or adhesive. Used to repair surfaces previously coated with Sprayable E-400 thermal insulating base coat.
Thiokol P/N 5886
LAC 40-4345
AS 1129
E 400P
Carbon Fiber Free Ablative Coating
Protects against high erosion and high heat in solid propellant missile launchings.

MIS 43908E 943
Blast Resistant Coating
Epoxy based compound designed for trowel or molding. Resistant to extreme heat and high erosion such as experienced in solid propellant missile launchings. Normally supplied in a forest green for application to tracked vehicles of the Army and Marines. Also available in a deck gray for use on ships of the Navy.
Thermal Insulating Ablative Coating
Low density silicone. Apply by trowel or spray. Used for protection of ascent heating to launch vehicles, payload shrouds and control surfaces.
STM K799S-885
Silicone Thermal Low Density Ablative
Used on exposed areas for protection from ascent heat, rocket plume impingement to exposed surfaces on launching vehicles.
STM K798S 886
Silicone Top CoatingHigh temperature, room temperature curing silicone coating. Possess emittance and absorbance characteristics. Used for external coating on launch vehicles and payload shrouds.STM K 797S-1023Part A

Part B
Primer Activator
Used to decrease cure time of silicone coatings.
MMS K 364PA 2
Heat and Salt Water Resistant Aluminum Coating
Exhibits good corrosion resistance as well as excellent adhesion to metal. Provides a protective and decorative coating for most metal surfaces where exposure to heat and weather is expected.
Flamemaster Specification7275


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