Leading the Industry


Continuously serving the aerospace, defense, energy, and transportation industries since 1942.

Who We Are


With over 70 years of experience – the most extensive in this industry — Flamemaster is one of the main suppliers of aerospace sealants and specialty products for both military and commercial applications.


  • A diverse line of sealants – polysulfide,
    polythioether, silicone, and epoxy — for military
    and commercial applications
  • Fire protection products and coatings,
    including heat-resistant ablative coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Electrical potting compounds


  • High performance products
  • Easily accessible management team
  • Strong commitment to operational excellence and continual improvement
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff

The Flamemaster Corporation


One of the finest Specialty Chemical manufacturers


Serving the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Transportation industries continuously since 1942.

Quality Service


Our mission is to be the supplier of choice in high performance sealants, protective coatings, and specialty compounds to our small and large aerospace customers by providing the highest quality material, first-rate customer service, short lead times and on-time delivery.


We manufacture a diverse line of military/commercial sealants, fire protection products and coatings, electrical potting compounds, optical adhesives, silicone’s, modified epoxies and heat resistant ablative coatings.



We take pride in our ability to provide, meet and exceed the most demanding specialty filling and packaging needs in sealants, coatings, adhesives, epoxy, lubricants, paints, greases and much more.


We understand the importance of quality principles.

Our Services


We take pride in our ability to design problem-solving materials tailored to target specific needs. If your application needs cannot be met by our current product line, challenge us to develop the solution that is right for you.


Aircraft Fuel Tanks &Pressure Cabin Sealants

Fire ProtectionCable Coating

Ablatives & HeatResistant Coatings


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