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TitleProduct Description and UseSpecificationsMaterialsChemistryApplicationSDSTech
Base Coat and Top CoatProtects surfaces from the thermal effects of supersonic atmospheric exit and re-entry conditions. Ablation Temperature 2000 deg. FSTM 0454
SP 677D and SP678
DE 350Epoxy/AmineAblative/Insulative
Light weight Ablative CoatingRigid epoxy based compound. Designed to provide ablative protection to missile components subjected to atmospheric aerodynamic heating.WH0019 Rev. BDE 370Epoxy/AmineAblative/Insulative
Low Density Epoxy Polyamide CompoundCan be molded in sheets or used as an encapsulent or adhesive. Used to repair surfaces previously coated with Sprayable E-400 thermal insulating base coat.Thiokol P/N 5886
LAC 40-4345
AS 1129
E 400PEpoxy/AmineAblative/Insulative
Carbon Fiber Free Ablative CoatingProtects against high erosion and high heat in solid propellant missile launchings.MIS 43908E 943Epoxy/AmineAblative/Insulative
Blast Resistant Ablative CoatingUsed in areas subject to extreme heat of jet assisted take off. A room temperature, high temperature resistant ablative coatingMil-C-47244E-340 AFEpoxy/AmineAblative/Insulative
System Base Coat and Top CoatThe E-400 System consists of a base coat and a weather barrier topcoat. Formulated to provide maximum insulation prior to the process of decomposition (ablation).AS 1129
LAC 40-4344
Blast Resistant CoatingEpoxy based compound designed for trowel or molding. Resistant to extreme heat and high erosion such as experienced in solid propellant missile launchings. Normally supplied in a forest green for application to tracked vehicles of the Army and Marines. Also available in a deck gray for use on ships of the Navy.Mil-C-47244F-100EEpoxy/AmineHigh Temperature
Electrical Cable CoatingProtects electrical cables from fire and prevents propagation of fire on grouped electrical cables. Sprayable or MasticFactory Mutual ApprovedFlamemastic 77InorganicFire-resistant
Silicone Thermal Low Density AblativeUsed on exposed areas for protection from ascent heat, rocket plume impingement to exposed surfaces on launching vehicles.STM K798S 886SiliconeAblative/Insulative
Silicone Top CoatingHigh temperature, room temperature curing silicone coating. Possess emittance and absorbance characteristics. Used for external coating on launch vehicles and payload shrouds.STM K 797S-1023SiliconeProtective Coating
Thermal Insulating Ablative CoatingLow density silicone. Apply by trowel or spray. Used for protection of ascent heating to launch vehicles, payload shrouds and control surfaces.STM K799S-885SiliconeAblative/Insulative
Vinyl CoatingOne-coat application on steel and aluminum with chemical resistance to short-term exposure of storable liquid missile propellantsUTC 40DS-30302V-455VinylProtective Coating