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Please contact us for all your specialty chemical needs. If a product is not listed, we may have another product that meets your specifications or perhaps we can formulate a product for your particular needs.


Sealants are used in various aerospace and marine applications, typically to seal aircraft fuel tanks and pressurized or crew compartments, to seal optical devices, and in connection with seaworthiness of commercial and naval vessels as well as pleasure craft. The Company also manufactures and distributes epoxy bonding compounds for construction materials, epoxy joint sealers and silicone thermal coatings and sealants. These are specialty compounds designed to meet the exacting specifications of particular market niches.


The Company produces flame retardant coatings that are used in industrial applications to prevent the propagation of fire in electrical cables which are grouped together in cable trays, junction boxes, cable trenches and similar locations. These coatings are also used in the construction of fire stops used to seal openings in walls or ceilings through which electrical cables pass.

High heat-resistant coatings are produced to meet various governmental and commercial specifications for a variety of applications providing thermal protection to components and structural surfaces, such as the aluminum deck of a naval vessel. Other applications include the protection of certain surfaces on land-based mobile missile launches and the control surfaces of air-launched missiles.

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