Company History

Flamemaster began in 1942 with the Dyna-Therm Chemical Company, a research

 and development firm in Culver City, California.   Throughout the next several decades, Dyna-Therm developed an extensive line of products, including coatings for ablative and heat resistance for missile launch systems, some of which were used on vital programs such as the Minuteman and Blue Scout.  The company also played a key role in the fledgling space exploration and rocket programs with NASA. Our coatings were used on the launch pad for the Saturn V – Apollo 11 rocket that took man to the moon in 1969; multiple products were also used on Titan IV-1 launches.  Many of these tried-and-true products are still in use today.


Although high-tech coatings were the focus in the early years, the company began developing sealants for aerospace applications in the late 1950s.  
Sealants for fuel tanks, windshields, access doors, and faying surfaces soon went on the market as well as electrically resistive compounds. In 1973, the company changed its name to Flamemaster Corporation and in 2006, expanded into its current 54,000+ sq. ft. facility in Pacoima, California.   In September of 2019, Flamemaster partnered with Socomore, headquartered in France.   This partnership marks an important milestone for the company, providing a large platform to continue our growth and create innovative solutions for the aerospace sealant market.

Mission Statement

To be the supplier of choice in high-performance sealants, protective coatings, and specialty compounds to our small and large aerospace customers by providing the highest quality material, first-rate customer service, short lead times and on-time delivery.

Message From the President

“Our customers demand quality and reliability and at Flamemaster we maintain the highest standards in quality products and on-time delivery. We believe that the superior quality of our high-performance sealants and coatings, the increased pace of new product development and our strong customer base are critical success factors for the future.”

Core Values

At Flamemaster, we understand the importance of standardization of quality principles due to the globalization of the aerospace industry with its diverse supplier base.

Free to Ask Why

  • Ask questions
  • Input embraced
  • Seek to Understand
  • Know the bigger picture and the meaning behind your work
  • License to think outside the box


  • Flexibility to adapt to changing needs
  • Becoming comfortable with the unknown
  • Learning from mistakes of the past
  • Continual improvement mindset
  • Proponent of purposeful change and having a proactive mentality

Enjoy the Journey

  • Take pride in your work and the impact it has on the common goals
  • Celebrate milestones large and small
  • Recognize each other’s contributions
  • Leave each day with a sense of accomplishment
  • Positive daily reflection

Honesty and Integrity

  • Respect for the company and adherence to its policies and procedures
  • Commitment to honesty, trust and transparency
  • Have respect for fellow employees
  • Allow fellow employee voices to be heard
  • Foster open and respectful discussion when disagreements occur
  • Be honest in your work and all interactions with employees
  • Raise awareness when witnessing potential ethics violations


  • Win or lose as a team
  • Understanding that the success of the company is dependent on its people and ability to work together
  • Value ideas over hierarchy
  • Understanding of the synergistic benefits of working together to achieve common goals
  • Embracing someone else’s ideas to meet common objectives
  • We are a family

Our Partnerships

Aerochemicals is a dynamic alliance of international specialists in specific markets within the aerospace industry. Providing a wide range of critical chemical products, services and technical support. Aerochemicals provides a worldwide customer service network with over 17 manufacturing locations, 40 sales offices, 25 laboratories and 1000 staff

SOCOMORE has been manufacturing for 50 years solutions for the aerospace industry including Original Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Repair, and Operations. Their products are designed to improve processes, performance, safety, and environmental impact while reducing operational costs. Their OEM-approved products are used at all stages of the manufacturing and maintenance processes: solvent or water-based cleaning, paint stripping, corrosion protection, adhesion promotion, coating, surface treatment, non-destructive testing.


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