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TitleProduct Description and UseSpecificationsProduct NumberChemistryApplicationSDSTech
Nylon Epoxy CoatingUsed as a coating on flexible, semi rigid and rigid substrates for protection against Skydrol, hydraulic fluids, fuels, oils, salt water and ozone.DPM 2389CS 7707Epoxy/AmineProtective Coating
PrimerUsed for bonding room temperature vulcanizing silicones to carious substrates. Also, used to prime other rigid surfaces such as glass, epoxy, and polyester.Mil-P-47215,
CS 9903Primer
Tack Free AcceleratorAccelerates the cure on the surface of the sealant, forming a thin skin which quickly becomes tack free. Eliminates problems of adherence of metal chips, dust etc. from airborne contaminates.Lockheed MartinCS 9943Tack-free accelerator
Primer – PlasticsUsed to prime some surfaces for potting compounds. Also used to prime windshield surfaces prior to the application of sealant.Flamemaster SpecificationCS 9960Primer
Primer ActivatorUsed to decrease cure time of silicone coatings.MMS K 364PA 2Primer