CS 3330CI Class B-2
Access Door Sealant
1.5 oz. (2 oz. cup Frozen)


Product Description

CS 3330CI is an access door sealant for integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins, as a strippable fillet, and as a gasket for removable parts.

CS 3330CI is a two-part, polysulfide compound designed to seal faying surfaces where easy separation of joint surfaces is required. CS 3330CI cures by a chemical reaction at room temperature to a firm, flexible rubber. Cured CS 3330CI has low adhesion and forms a fuel resistant gasket that molds itself to fill all irregularities between two surfaces. Mixed material is a purple paste of brushable consistency. The cured sealant is resistant to aircraft fuels, lubricants, oils, water and weathering and remains flexible at low temperatures.


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